GJX Hosting: We Host Ideas.

Really, that's what we're here for. We provide Web Hosting and related resources to talented and driven young people who have Ideas. Thinkers and Doers; these are the people who will change the world - one Idea at a time.

Be it a corner of the Blogosphere, your project's information HQ or a social network start-up, we can help you get your Idea online. Whether you start with a free setup of WordPress, a DIY CMS install via Softalicious (or Fantastico), or some custom web development, (see our recommended developers) we are the perfect place to start your website.

Hosting for Ideas

WhiteGlove WordPress

For Writers & Creators: All the power of self-hosted WordPress with none of the hassel. You create the content, we'll host the site.

From $6/mo


Premium Shared Hosting

For Developers: High-Reliability cPanel/Linux hosting. Run your websites on our top-notch server w/ RAID 10 for ultra data security.

From $3/mo

WhiteGlove WordPress

Do you wanted to start a website but the process seems to complicated or time consuming? Then WhiteGlove WordPress is for you. We handle all the technical aspects of setting up, maintaining, backing-up, and optimizing a WordPress install. Your weighty responsibilities would include picking a theme and writing content. ;)

All Wg-Wp accounts are hosted on our Top-Notch server, and come with a 30-day free trial. If you're ready you can Order Now or contact us with any questions.

Premium Shared Hosting

Top-Notch Servers, cPanel, and Unmetered Bandwidth combine to make the perfect host for your (or your client's) web site. Please use the slider below to view our pricing.

GB @ $1/GB + $2 flat rate = $3/mo   Order Now!


We accept orders in six and twelve month terms. Payments are accepted through Google Checkout and PayPal. If you're ready, please Order Now! If you have any problems, you can contact us via email (Support (at) GJXHosting.com) or Live Chat if we're online.


All accounts are hosted on a super-fast server. We run CentOS/cPanel on two Quad-Core multi-threaded Intel Xeons with 16Gb of RAM and RAID-10 hard drive arrays (mirroring + striping) in the world class GNAX datacenter. Average daily server load is 6.25%. (3.0% of CPU, 43.0% of RAM, and a ¼ Mb Swap; at an average load of 3,600 mySQL queries/minute.) Daily off-site backups are performed for all server data (JIC a meteor hits the data center.;)


All accounts are governed by our Legal Terms. Basically, we do not allow excessive use of system resources (which would be very hard to do accidentally) and you are not allowed to host either illegal or illicit websites with us.

Other Questions?

Are you still wondering about anything? Then contact us!